Waimea Events Salon
at the Waimea Guest House
E Komo Mai
The Waimea Guest House is a graceful historic home on the Big Island of Hawaii, and is the venue for the Waimea Events Salon...
Gavin Harrison leads his unique and wonderful meditation on the first Sunday of every month.  An afternoon of Silent Sitting and Walking Meditation, Talk, and Dialogue/Inquiry/Satsang.
Lively, lovely, heartfelt music presentations
Astounding talent lives among us, and we are blessed with thier offerings.  Beatrice and Manuel Roberto are frequent welcome guests.
Weekly Women's Gathering with Rev. Dana St. Claire and her magical bowls.
Visiting luminaries grace our salon, and share rich wisdom with us.  Here Vanessa Stone spent an evening in our midst.
Here are just a few examples of activities and events at Waimea Events Salon
The Salon was conceived to support our love of conversation and our passion for shared evolution. It is space offered for practicing presence and conversation, intention and inquiry, and expression and listening. We bond and aspire to share the unique gifts and challenges in our lives and the world at large.

In the Salon we explore our collective evolution, we imagine new  possibilities for how to be together—as friends, colleagues, and as  human beings excited by participating in our own unfolding. The  living room in the Waimea Guest House is an Events Salon, and  most importantly, it’s a full-on “we-space” practice environment for bringing shared possibility into being.  ​

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E Komo Mai